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Why see Ancient Aliens Live?

Ancient Aliens Live: Project Earth

The HISTORY Channel's long-running show takes to the road this year, offering audiences the chance to enjoy a ninety-minute experience like no other. The show's famous faces; Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalas, author David Childress and of course, Investigative Mythologist William Henry are all on board, discussing theories from Ancient Egypt to the long-awaited Disclosure in an interactive conversation - so get your questions ready!

If you like your aliens ancient and your theories out-of-this-world, then this is the show for you! 

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Finished Apr 26


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David Cook

Wonderful experience

I was intrigued all night for the personalities that were there. I didn't buy a VIP package( too much money), I got to experience a wonderful 2 hour show. I think the venue was the perfect setting for it. Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead is a Historic Landmark building 125 years old. I would go back there again in the future. I had floor seating. The seats were wooden and small, tight rows. The building is perfectly preserved and the sound quality was great. Yes people may complain that they wasted their money and could see the same rehash on the show, so stay home next time! The event was SOLD OUT! That shows a following that doesn't come around like that very often. As for the show itself, there was a positive buzz and excitement all night long. Laughing at jokes and friendly atmosphere. I was happy to see that NO audio or video recordings were allowed. I don't want to ruin an experience for someone reading the review BEFORE see the show. Go have a Great time for a little while. ... Read more


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