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Customer Reviews for Gipsy Kings

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Excellent and beautiful performances

A. Gomez from Austin, Texas
22nd February 2024

Long time fan of the Gipsy Kings. It was wonderful to see Nicolas Reyes and the Gipsy Kings play their hearts out. The energy on the stage was amazing! The audience lost their minds and we could not stop dancing. Even the people on the balconies were dancing with each other! It was an incredible experience and you could feel the love he has for his audience. The standing ovations for him and the band was incredible. Bravo!

Still going great

Bernie from Las Vegas, Nevada
12th August 2023

It was ten or fifteen years since I last saw the Gypsy Kings here in Las Vegas. It was a sold out performance. Just curious as to why there were so many empty seats. The chairs were uncomfortable especially for a senior like me. The energy from their performance was amazing. No wonder they have sold over 25 million records worldwide. The audience clapped their hands and stomped their feet. You could feel the floor shake. Everyone was talking photos or videos with their cameras. An enjoyable evening for my daughter and myself.

A great night of entertainment

lisgel from New York, New York
1st May 2023

Maybe not their best show ever, but still very entertaining and foremost - they took the crowd with them! Dancing and clapping all the way. No, I don't agree with the previous disappointed reviewers simply for the fact that everything changes, evolves... we can't just judge music by what we have previously known!

Gipsey Kings

Chet from Atlantic City, New Jersey
16th June 2024

Fabulous guitars...very in sync band...great stage presence; however, Senor Reyes lacks range in his singing. If you listened to one or two of his songs/performances, you ve heard all there is...guitars, keyboards, drums...fantastic...singing...mehhh...not a lot of tonal differentiation.

Band trying to figure out it's direction

John kelly from Houston, Texas
15th November 2021

Enjoyable concert, decent venue great parking. I've been a fan of this band for 20 years. I love the way they incorporated some of the essencial sounds and rhythms of flamenco music, especially the vocalizations. However, this version of the band has departed significantly from their original sound, disappointingly so in my opinion. Its still a rousing guitar rich sound, but has lost the magic of its Andaluz roots. Mumford and sons with a spanish twist!

Big Disappointment ( sadly)

Mona Shafer Edwards from Los Angeles, California
18th April 2023

I've been a fan of Gipsy Kings since hearing them in France years ago.. The Camargue and the french 'cowboys' of the area always came to mind. Unfortunately, this new incarnation is sadly lacking in the spirit of the original group, with screeching unintelligible lyrics and overwhelming bass. To say that louder is better is wrong, and the romantic beats of the songs got lost in the deafening sound system. Bring back more of the French feeling, and perhaps Tonino Baliardo can appear to be enjoying himself a bit more. Gipsy Kings' venues should be outside ( or in a much larger space) where the music can live in the fresh air... and a glass of Bandol while listening wouldn't hurt either.